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    Residential Roofing

    One of the locations of our residence that gets the least focus is the roofing, yet it is one of the most vital components of our house. Of training course there is never an excellent time to have a dripping roofing system or any type of other roof covering problems. Roofing repair can set you back a great deal of cash as well as finding the ideal roof company for roof covering installations and also repairs is a very tough job.

    Commercial Roofing

    No industrial roof task is too large or as well little for Summit Roofers. Whether you are considering a tiny commercial roof covering job or a large commercial roof installment task, we will supply you with the greatest level of commercial roof services.
    We offer:

    B.U.R Roofing systems,

    We will review your project with you to determine which product or service will be best for you.

    Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing is by far the longest lasting roofing material out of all the roofing materials available today. Metal roofing nowadays comes in steel shingles in a variety of attractive contemporary colors.


    We are located in Toronto more than 10 years now. If you need emergency roof repair in Toronto , or new roofing in near to Toronto for a home, we have the skills and expertise to get you the best roof over your head at competitive prices. We’ve been operated long enough to be called experts, and continue to be the preferred roofing company for personal and commercial roofing needs in Toronto.

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